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University Sponsored EMDR Basic Trainings in Colorado

EMDR Training Academy offers EMDR Basic Training to Graduate Students in Masters/Doctoral Programs who have completed their course requirements and are in their Internships.  The EMDR Basic Training is designed to prepare beginning therapists in safe and competent practice of EMDR Therapy.

The EMDR Basic Training can be tailored to meet the academic rigor and course requirements to be offered as a part of Graduate Curricula for Credit.

Even though the EMDR Basic Training offered by the EMDR Training Academy is 10-Days long spanning 12-weeks, it costs about the same as the 6-Day Trainings offered by the EMDR Humanitarian Programs (www.emdrhap.org).

Please contact Dr. Chandra for additional information.

Upcoming University Sponsored Trainings in 2019 (See Denver Trainings for details)

  • Center for Professional Development, The University of Denver- Summer 2019