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Virtual Basic EMDR Training Objectives

Conceptual Clarity through

  • An in-depth understanding of the theory underlying the practice of EMDR- Adaptive Information Processing (AIP)
  • An in-depth understanding of protocols and procedures
  • A sound analytical framework arrived through explicitly linking AIP theory to EMDR protocols and procedures to guide treatment decisions

Skill Development is Facilitated by

  • Walking the participants through every step of EMDR therapy in an orderly and sequential manner mirroring the therapy process in actual practice
  • Demonstrating all the eight phases of the EMDR protocol and procedures through video vignettes drawn from actual therapy sessions
  • Followed by supervised practice in Dyads during the training 

Translating Training into Clinical Practice is Accomplished by

  • Requiring participants to implement EMDR with their “client” partners in their Dyads starting the second weekend with concurrent support and consultation through the next ten weeks (over 40 contact hours)
  • Providing templates of all the protocols, procedures and guidelines in digital format for immediate use in clinical practice
  • An ongoing Discussion Board to support and encourage integration of EMDR into clinical practice