Dr. Chandra Nagireddy       chandra@emdrtrainingacademy.com                                   Cell: 719-761-4444                   Fax: 719-550-4100

EMDRIA Approved Consultation

Dr. Chandra is an EMDRIA Approved Consultant and provides Individual / Group Consultations toward EMDRIA Certification and continued professional development

Dr. Chandra's Approach in his consultations

  • Adaptive Information Processing (AIP) as the foundation for the practice of EMDR Psychotherapy
  • Clarity, Simplicity, and Fidelity to established Protocols and Procedures
  • Client safety and stability as the guiding priority 
  • Systematic and thorough assessment before intervention
  • Case conceptualization and treatment planning based on AIP
  • A clear road map based on AIP to guide clinical decisions and therapist interventions during EMDR Processing 
  • EMDR for Complex clinical presentations

EMDRIA Approved Group and Individual Consultations

  • EMDRIA Approved Group Consultations will be held once a month

  • Individual consultations are scheduled as needed

  • Consultations are available through ZOOM video conference 

Eligibility Requirement to Participate in Dr. Chandra's Consultation

  • Must have completed EMDR Basic Training offered through EMDR Training Academy or 
  • Must have Audited the EMDR Basic Training offered through EMDR Training Academy

How to Sign-up for the Consultations?

  • You can sign up for Consultations leading to Certification by the EMDR International Association.
  • You can sign up for Consultations for Professional Development
  • Please download the Consultation Contract below for Certification or for Professional Development.