EMDR Trainings in Denver and Colorado Springs, CO

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        Dr. Chandra Nagireddy       chandra@drchandra.com                                                   Cell: 719-761-4444                   Fax: 719-550-4100

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  • ​​This workshop is approved by the  EMDR International Association and represents a departure from the traditional two weekend format with an innovative design

  • It is designed to lead the participants in a sequential and orderly learning experience emphasizing conceptual clarity, procedural details, and skill development through a combination of lectures, discussions, and video vignettes  drawn from actual EMDR therapy sessions and culminating in supervised practice
  • Effective learning is facilitated by pacing the training across 10 days over six weekends spanning ten weeks to avoid information overload
  • Small group format limited to 9 participants provides for intensive discussions and didactic interactions with the instructor
  • Supervised practice in triads provides the opportunity for each to be an observer in addition to taking turns as a therapist and a client.  This approach provides different perspectives of the therapy process and deepens one's learning experience
  • The workshop provides 40 instructional hours (EMDRIA requires 20 hrs), 30 hours of supervised practice (EMDRIA requires 20 hrs) and 10 hours of consultation, for a total of 80 hours (EMDRIA requires 50 hrs)
  • An ongoing Discussion Board for continued support
  • ​Ongoing EMDRIA Approved Consultations leading to Certification